Quartz is used to make the internal parts of watches. Because it contains pure silicon, quartz is used to make many computer components. Quartz is often used in the fashion industry especially in jewelry making.

Although variations of quartz come in many colors, pure quartz is clear. Because quartz is clear, it is often used in the production of glass.

Quartz is commonly used in spiritual practices. Some people believe quartz has magical powers and has the ability to promote growth in a garden or to attract certain energies into the home.


Quartz and quartzite are two different stones. So, lets not confuse them. Quartz is man-made material composed of quartzite pieces, and if formed into different designs. Because of this, it is often replicated in the same designs and colors.  Quartzite is a natural occurring sandstone that is formed from the Earths extreme heat and pressure. While quartz is most commonly used as counter tops, it can be used in various places. It is one of the strongest materials, but unfortunately, it will crack under extreme heat.